Supreme Gear Company has been providing creative solutions to Aerospace, Defense, Commercial and other related industries for over 65 years. Supreme Gear Company also specializes in production operation off-load. We are proud to announce we have added the Kapp ZE 800 profile gear form grinder which is capable of small to large ID as well as OD grind. We also offer CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Gear Cutting and Gear Inspection departments. We have the capability to produce a full range of high-quality gear components, including:

Gear Types

Spiral Bevel, Hypoid Ring & Pinion, Helical, Spur and Worm

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Supreme Gear has produced gear components for many types of applications including:

  • Military Applications
    • F-4B Phantom – Fighter
    • F-4C Phantom – Fighter
    • B1 Lancer – Bomber
    • Space Shuttle
    • M1A1 Tank
    • M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
    • M88A1 Recovery Vehicle
  • Commercial Applications
    • Airbus A319
    • Airbus A320
    • Airbus A380
    • Douglas DC-8
    • Douglas DC-9
    • Douglas DC-10
    • Boeing 707
    • Boeing 727
    • Boeing 737
    • Boeing 747
    • Boeing 757
    • Boeing 767
    • Boeing 777
    • Boeing 787

Flexible Manufacturing System

Supreme Gear recently invested in a new Flexible Manufacturing System. This machine allows us to greatly increase the capacity, flexibility and repeatability of our manufacturing process while doing so efficiently and cost-effectively. We can tool the machine to produce any size of job, from 6 pieces to 6 million. And, the need for set-ups and tear-downs is virtually eliminated with the Flexible Manufacturing System—no more costly, time-consuming changeovers.

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